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  • Breitling Jet Team US Tour Ball Cap

Breitling Jet Team US Tour Ball Cap

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Show your appreciation of the Breitling Jet Team's astonishing aerobatic abilities - while looking good in the process - with our striking black Breitling Jet Team US Tour Ball Cap. The splendid adjustable cap features a colorful collection of attractive embroidery celebrating the French formation flying squadron's first-ever showing in the United States.

Among its adornments, the cap has an appealing, front-and-center American-flag-themed image of the team's seven Aero L-39 Albatros jets, a majestic bald eagle, and the text "Breitling Jet Team - American Tour." Elsewhere on the cap is an embroidered "Breitling" in block letters on the left side; "Jet Team" on the back; and a magnificent miniature of a windblown Old Glory on the right side. While a superb accessory in its own right, the cap will undoubtedly resonate with airshow aficionados. A first-rate souvenir that's sure to thrill any red-blooded American aviator.

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