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  • Airplane Shelf Clock

Airplane Shelf Clock

  • Rs.119.00
Flight enthusiasts from all walks of life will value the refined degree of elegance inherent to our Airplane Shelf Clock. The stately accessory is immaculately designed to resemble a classic biplane taildragger. In place of a rumbling radial and whirring prop, the item features an analog clockface with Roman numeral display. Its dual pairs of wings serve as wine shelves, with each set of airfoils providing space for two bottles (four bottles total) of your favorite vintage. The aircraft also sports six sets of hangers - three under each lower wing - from which to store jackets, belts, neckties, and/or keys. Measures 35" W x 15½" H x 7" D. A dignified aviation decoration guaranteed to resonate with anyone with an aeronautical interest.

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