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  • Nflightcam GoPro Cockpit Kit w/Case

Nflightcam GoPro Cockpit Kit w/Case

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Capture copious amounts of crystal clear in-flight video & audio footage with the assistance of our comprehensive Nflightcam GoPro Cockpit Kit w/Case. Designed for use with GoPro 3, 3+, and 4 cameras (sold separately), this all-in-one collection of professional quality components includes everything you need to record all those magical moments that only occur in general aviation (GA) aircraft.

Among its contents, the kit features a 3" industrial strength suction cup with a fully articulating ball head mounting base that enables secure, hands-free attachment to any aircraft window/windscreen or smooth surface. Then there's the included audio/power cable that allows users to record actual intercom communications and pilot/ATC transmissions, which further enhances the authenticity of the video footage. On top of that, the 37mm ND8 optical glass Propeller Filter allows you to film directly through the propeller arc without any of the prop's distortion. All components come in a custom zippered case with a purpose-made foam insert plus mesh pocket. A must-have flight deck companion no GoPro-owning pilot should aviate without.

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