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  • ODEO LED Flare


  • Rs.119.99
When the improbable becomes reality, time is a precious commodity you can't afford to let slip away. To help you sway the odds toward a favorable outcome, our ODEO LED Flare is a crucial survival component you need at your disposal.

Unlike conventional pyrotechnic flares, the ODEO (for Omni Directional Electrical Optical) flare uses batteries (alkaline or lithium; sold separately) in place of hazardous, flammable materials. Besides the marked risk reduction associated with its battery-powered operation, the ODEO's service life also far exceeds that of traditional flares. Whereas pyrotechnic flares are only good for about 30 seconds, the ODEO can deliver brilliant illumination for approximately 6 hours. Its lack of combustible components means it's also safe to carry aboard your aircraft - no special HAZMAT procedures necessary! Features a bright orange body and comes with a sturdy yellow wrist strap. An affordable, safe, reliable form of risk reduction that will serve you well in all your outdoor activities.

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