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  • Kool Kombi Cooler

Kool Kombi Cooler

  • Brand: Think Outside
  • Product Code: Think Outside
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  • Rs.599.00
Few items in existence will make you the life of the party faster than our far-out, super-groovy Kool Kombi Cooler. The nifty, eye-catching ice chest is sure to bring back fond memories of times gone by. For starters, the sensational drink cooler is a spot-on miniature replica of Volkswagen's quintessential "Kombi" panel van. The level of detail is phenomenal, with everything from little windshield wipers and license plates to a trio of surfboards strapped to the roof (Talk about California Dreamin'!). At 21½" T x 17" W x 39" D (55cm x 43cm x 100cm), it also has plenty of storage space to ensure the party lasts well into the night.

In addition to its undeniable good looks, the Kombi is also good for the environment. The fully insulated cooler is manufactured from 100% recycled oil drums and reinforced with a mild steel frame. It's also finished with a powder coat and 2-part polyurethane paint for a protective, colorful, "broken-in" appearance. The wheels are solid rubber, so you won't need to worry about changing a flat whenever you're out with the gang. Makes a fine centerpiece for reminiscing about the "good old days" as you and your buds enjoy your favorite ice-cold beverages. A sensational blast from the past that will remain your go-to party bus well into the future.

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